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Integrated Design Systems delivers completely detailed product designs that are ready for production.

We are an award-winning industrial design firm with over 30 years’ experience, providing companies worldwide with innovative product designs that have been recognized by the IDSA, ID Magazine, SPI, and SPE for design excellence.

Our product designs have been proven to increase sales, maximum value to your customers, and substantially improve profits. Our design solutions provide a uniquely integrated balance of aesthetics for market appeal, reliability, cost effectiveness and ease of manufacturing. All of our clients have improved their market presence with our ability to brand their products with our distinctive product appearances which have been strategically developed to place them at the top of their markets.

Award & recognitions
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Our Solutions
  • Aesthetics & Branding

    Product design involves much more than simply specifying materials and solving engineering problems. A successful product has a personality and character, which express the values of the manufacturing company, as well as the product’s function. Strategically imparting these attributes in the design…

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  • Human Factors

    Human factors consideration is an essential part of product design but it is often overlooked by many designers. At IDS, however, this critical consideration is always an integral component of every product design. IDS’ experience has proved that designing a product…

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  • Engineering & Analysis

    Successful products must be well engineered to provide customers with reliable, safe and lasting performance. Superior engineering imparts value to a product, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. These objectives are attained by creatively applying comprehensive engineering skills…

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  • Manufacturing Expertise

    Unlike most design firms, which simply provide their clients with a drawing package and then ignore the eventual production start-up challenges, IDS delivers continued support for as long as clients request it. IDS has found that many projects require additional technical support…

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