A Fully Integrated Industrial Design Company – Concept to Production

Since its inception in 1983, Integrated Design Systems Inc. (IDSys)  has been providing fully integrated industrial design services to clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to individual inventors. Our company design philosophy has always maintained the opinion that product design should be developed holistically. In other words, product design should be planned and executed as a seamless process. The process starts with the idea developed based on carefully prioritized design specifications and completed by the best designers and engineers you can assemble.

Integrated Design Generates World Class Design

IDSys has always approached every project with the same client dedication, focus on quality, and high level of creativity regardless of project size or budget. When you assign us to your project, you can only expect the best design solutions for your product. Our unique capabilities of synergistically integrating all the parameters associated with successfully developing a product are unmatched. We can guarantee that our design solutions comply with your product specifications because of exceptional project planning, prototyping, testing, and verification.

40 Patents and Numerous Design Awards

More than 40 patents. Countless award-winning products. We’re proud to offer our services as a premier industrial design company and product development firm. Our offices in Oyster Bay, New York, include engineers, industrial designers, and project managers who will see you through the entire process. IDSys works with companies from ideation to completion. IDSys is a full-service industrial design company that has designed hundreds of consumer products, medical devices, and unique products, emphasizing the user experience. Our innovative designs are developed based on extensive design research, world-class design engineering, and unmatched creativity. That’s why innovative companies like yours have selected IDSys to provide them with product design services that have resulted in award-winning designs. We deliver products and services that are matched to your unique requirements with a design process tailored to your needs.

Cost-Effective Designs That Out Sell Your Competition

Selecting the right industrial design firm is challenging. Bigger does not mean better. The lowest price will not necessarily prove to be a bargain. A slick portfolio of glamorous products does not mean the products are authentic or have ever been manufactured. Your choice in selecting the best industrial design firm for your following generation product line or new product launch will significantly impact your company’s future. That’s why you should look beyond the surface and into the soul of a company. Your choice should consider a company’s reputation for honesty, integrity, commitment as well as capabilities. Integrated Design Systems’ 40 years of experience for delivering the highest quality designs on time and within budget is indisputable. Our small design team is of the highest caliber of design talent, creativity, and engineering skills. After our first project, all of our clients have repeatedly relied on us as their reliable industrial design and product development firm. This is because we’ve proven to be a dedicated and dependable design resource for them.

Our Company’s Design Portfolio

We’ve designed everything from playground equipment to atomic force microscopes. Our highly skilled design studio has an unblemished 40-year history as a full-service industrial design firm. More than 95% of our designs have been manufactured. We create products that are optimized for your customers, easily manufactured, safe to operate, beautiful, and cost-effective. Since our inception, we’ve been doing and are experts at delivering designs that have exceeded our client’s expectations.

Integrated Design Systems knows how to move efficiently from idea to reality. We’ve proven ourselves hundreds of times and always delivered on our promises.

Our select elite group of designers and engineers will provide you with personalized design services. You won’t be encumbered by the bureaucracy, formalities, and protocols of larger design firms. IDS provides you with award-winning designs superior to any significant design office because we are the best. Quantity and size are not related to the quality of work. Great designs are originated from great minds.

– we have everyone and everything you need.

Our diversity has been a strategic part of our business philosophy. It has enabled us to transfer ideas and technologies across market boundaries.

Our Capabilities

We’re experts in transforming your ideas into realities – a product design firm that takes concepts from napkin sketches to mass production.

We see the possibilities you see and uncover more from the fringes. More importantly, we identify the resources, talents, and skills necessary to bring these ideas to life.

We design not to impress, but to produce a blueprint of your next winning product.

Discover what our New York-based design consultants can do for you.

World-Class Industrial Design
and Product Development

Integrated Design Systems delivers production-ready product designs.

What makes Integrated Design Systems different from another product design firm or a product development firm? And why do clients continually choose us vs. our larger, better-known competitors?

The answer is quite simple. First, we seamlessly transform your ideas from innovative concepts into fully engineered products optimized for mass production. This cycle has been proven hundreds of times over 40 years creating aesthetically appealing, award-winning and innovative products.

Next, we’ve been widely recognized for design excellence by our product design clients worldwide, and especially acknowledged by our industry peers with prestigious awards.

Third, we’ve built an enviable reputation for increasing our clients’ sales, maximizing their end-users value, and substantially improving profits.

With all this, we don’t just deliver design solutions that work. We creatively combine market-appeal aesthetics, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of manufacturing.


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Free GoToMeeting Consultation

This is your opportunity to get expert advice on your new product:

We are prepared to share creative concepts, ideas, and strategies with you at no cost or obligation. We often provide insightful perspectives through creative ideation and assist our clients in product branding, cost estimates, and plastic material selection.

Feel free to discuss your project or ask any questions. We are experts at quickly grasping complex ideas, propose viable concepts, and eventually develop them to completion. You can speak directly with the president of Integrated Design Systems, Michael Paloian. Mr. Paloian is a world-renowned plastics design expert and award-winning industrial designer. He has authored hundreds of articles, contributed to numerous technical books, and frequently lectured on plastics product design. You’ll find his technical expertise, unlimited imagination, and quick grasp of your requirements very enlightening.

Confidentiality: Any information that you provide will not be shared. And if you would like, you’ll find an Instant Confidentiality Agreement here.

Awards and Recognitions

The Society of the Plastics Industry

Medical Design Excellence Awards

International Design Excellence Awards

ID Magazine

Medical Design Excellence Awards

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