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Michael Paloian receives the Charles D. Frederick Distinguished Service Award

ARM NEWS RELEASE, Posted August 27, 2020 Association of Rotational Molders Distinguished Service Award is typically a surprise for the recipient at our Annual Meeting. In that spirit, minutes ago we interrupted Michael Paloian as he was about to present the finale of his webinar series on design, to announce that he was selected by ARM’s Executive Committee to receive the award. For more than 15 years, Michael has presented his design seminar to attendees at our Annual Meeting, providing new case studies every time to keep it fresh. For more than twenty years he has acted as an ambassador
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Brainstorming: The Root of All Great Product Designs

The best product designs often represent the outpouring of ideas from many individual contributors with different perspectives and objectives. A great analogy to describe this process is to compare it to eight people standing around a statue and describing what they see from their perspective. Each person will view the same object from a different position and thus describe it from their point of view. The culmination of all these interpretations will provide a much truer description of the statue, versus a single viewer’s point of view. This process of collaboration is often referred to as brainstorming. Effectively managing a
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