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Marketing and the Industrial Design Company

Marketers use many tools to achieve their goals, including demographic data, statistics, budgets and more. Yet one of the best tools at a marketer’s disposal is often overlooked, and that tool is product design. Today, the best marketers are using product design firms to increase their sales, develop company recognition and create brand loyalty. For some years, the larger corporations have included Industrial Design departments and the smaller companies have employed Design Consultancies to develop their products, but marketers have not always taken advantage of their creative potential. Defining the features The competitive nature of our current commercial environment means
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Basic Principles of Risk Management for Medical Device Design

Understanding how to treat a medical condition is a difficult process, and when it comes to needing to use technology in treatments, it’s important that any medical device created by humans is also safe for humans. While, in the past, safety wasn’t as important, these days, it’s the number one priority when creating medical devices. Medical devices designed by companies have to be used safely by patients. Sometimes they are just one time use, but very often, a medical device needs to be used everyday, and it must continue to function the same way every day for as long as
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