In 1983, Michael Paloian founded Integrated Design Systems, a full-service product development company with almost 40 years of experience. A few of the hundreds of products we’ve designed and developed throughout the latter part of this period are showcased in our industrial design portfolio.

Our comprehensive design process has provided our clients with award-winning designs in many markets. Their success has enabled them to gain a significant competitive edge based on our product innovation resulting from extensive design research and creativity.

What distinguishes mediocre designs from great designs?

The answer is honesty and simplicity. “I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.” About five centuries ago, Michelangelo said, “The sculpture is already complete within the marble block before I start my work. It is already there. I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.”

Our staff at Integrated Design Systems fully embraces this same philosophy. Great design solutions are in the minds of anyone who may use the product or be involved with its creation. Product design and development require imagination, analytical thinking, knowledge, and perseverance. Medical devices, analytical products, and test equipment are product markets that need a product design consultancy to excel with these traits. High-quality design consultancies like Integrated Design Systems refine design solutions until we attain the most straightforward, honest design.

Elegant designs are naturally appealing. They are often recognized as award-winning and innovative industrial design products based on ergonomics, aesthetics, functionality, and manufacturing ease. The result? Elegant designs boost sales, maximize their end-user value, and substantially improve profits.

IDS’ design philosophy is based on seamless integration of product engineering and industrial design. We do not see any boundaries between these fully integrated disciplines are implemented into a continuous process from concept to first production samples. Well-designed products show no discontinuities in quality, aesthetics, craftsmanship, or function throughout the product at every level of detail. Design excellence is thus communicated to the end-user based on high standards applied to every level of product design.

Honesty is the best creative policy.

Our design philosophy is simple. It’s based on honesty, integrity, and a continuing commitment, combined with exceptional creativity, knowledge, and resources to fulfill every obligation throughout each project. Though honesty is rarely discussed in business, any business transaction needs to be firmly rooted in all great designs and one’s perceptions to identify the most important parameters for a product.

To extend honesty one step further, we form partnerships with our clients and their vendors to create a high level of trust essential to exploring new ideas and developing breakthrough new products.


90% of our clients work with us again.

Integrated Design Systems’ product design portfolio represents our work, capabilities, and dedication to our clients. We approach every project from a unique perspective based on the product, client, and marketing requirements. The project plan is custom prepared based on gathered information obtained from you, our client. Information is objectively collected, analyzed, and prioritized within a written, highly detailed contract. Our contracts define specific tasks for each phase of development which includes a delivery date and cost. We do not require initial down payments and invoice you only when the defined tasks within each phase have been 100% completed.

We most often submit contracts with a fixed cost and delivery schedule, which include the scope of work, schedule, and terms and conditions. This method of conducting business provides you with a clear idea of what the development costs will total and when you should expect the final design.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line is that Integrated Design Systems doesn’t just deliver an endless stream of industrial design solutions that work. We’re proud to say that more than 90% of our satisfied clients have returned to working with us, time and again for numerous projects.