Professional and Efficiently Managed Team

The IDS team comprises dedicated designers and engineers, personally selected by the company’s president, Michael Paloian, to fulfill the expectations of IDS’ prestigious clients. Michael Paloian is a recognized expert in plastics part design and is an instructor at University of Massachusetts, Plastics Department’s continuing education program. Michael has received numerous design awards and has lectured frequently on plastics design and product design throughout the US, as well as in South America, Europe and Asia. He is a contributing design editor for domestic and international trade journals which periodically publish his opinions as well as design expertise on many topics.

Michael’s multidisciplinary approach to design has profoundly influenced the design staff at IDS, where designers are encouraged to broaden their thinking without limitations. Traditionally educated industrial designers are encouraged to solve engineering problems while traditional engineers are encouraged to address industrial design problems. This is the integrated design methodology.

Trust and Integrity

Michael’s design and business philosophy is based on trust and integrity. Clients are considered friends and treated as partners in business. This close working relationship enables IDS to develop groundbreaking designs efficiently by maintaining good communication within a tightly knit development team. Trust is an essential part of design. Trust provides a design team with the security and common vision to take risks. Mutual trust between a client and design firm is critical during every phase of development. It is attained by meeting commitments, making no excuses and taking responsibility

Knowledge and Experience

Michael’s vision for IDS is best described in the company’s mission statement below:

IDS strives to be the best in the business by attracting talented designers and demanding clients. Our staff treats clients as partners with a common objective. That objective is to develop successful products and long lasting business relationships.

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