Product Aesthetics and Branding Services

Everyone has heard the term “product branding,” so often used by marketing companies, advertising firms, industrial design boutiques, and the media. But what does “product branding in product design” really mean? And how does it affect the final product?

This phrase refers to the instantaneous association you make between a product and its OEM. Corporations have discovered that product branding:

  • Is an integral part of their marketing strategy.
  • Builds on the company’s repetition, consistency, and simplicity to quickly and reliably communicate a new product to the consumer.
  • Enables all of a company’s products to be associated with a successful corporation’s name. There’s no better examples than Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iMac.

At Integrated Design Systems, we maintain your corporate branding––without sacrifice to creativity and innovation––by judiciously applying color, logos, product details, and product features based on our clients’ corporate guidelines. Our product branding in product design is detailed to comply with specific color pallets, logo sizes, proportions of design features, overall shapes, and countless product details.

We even specify quality and craftsmanship, surface finishes, labels, buttons, and GUI to maintain corporate identity, and exceptional aesthetics for product branding consistency across multiple client products.

Aesthetics and Product Branding Portfolios