Analytical and Testing Instruments Design and Development

Often expensive and highly technical, analytical instruments includes a broad cross-section of products ranging from tiny sensors to a variety of handheld devices, to large floorstanding inspection equipment. These products are always exceptionally interesting and challenging to design because of their function’s complex nature, as well as their wide range of technologies.

These instrumentation equipment design products must convey an image of precision, state-of-the-art technology, reliability, ease-of-use, and appropriate corporate branding. They’re often manufactured in low production quantities, which presents designers with a conundrum: how to identify the most cost-effective manufacturing method that will still consistently produce world-class designs. Fortunately, our expertise has resulted in countless success stories where their products have become industry leaders.

Integrated Design Systems has always been chosen for our ability to deliver world-class analytical instrument design projects on time, on budget, and with features far exceeding our clients’ original expectations. Design concepts are highly influenced by assessing hundreds of parameters, which are prioritized throughout the design process and creatively expressed at every level of detail. Finally, the selection of appropriate materials and manufacturing methods for analytical and testing equipment design is strategically based on sensible capital investment, assembly labor, and part cost trade-offs.

Analytical & Testing Portfolios