Coating Thickness Measurement

Defelsko Positector

We are proud to be part of Defelsko’s tremendous success as the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of coating thickness measurement equipment. Integrated Design Systems began our relationship with Defelsko more than 10 years ago; since then, we’ve helped them develop a small handheld paint thickness measurement gauges.

During our first meeting, they expressed many concerns and precautions due to their poor experiences with another design firm. Their successful launch of this first product was quickly followed by a second, third and fourth products, which eventually evolved into our current long-lasting friendship and ongoing business partnership.

Sales have skyrocketed based on the quality, value and state-of-the-art performance of their medical device products, as well as the distinctive designs created for them throughout this long period of time. This synergy in our creative collaborations enabled Defelsko to secure its position as a world leader in high-quality reliable coating thickness measurement devices.