Product Development Capabilities

Integrated Design Systems has been designing a wide array of products in diverse markets throughout the world. Products ranging from plastic pallets and rickshaws to complex state of the art medical equipment have been designed from concept to production. Integrated Design’s extensive capabilities for all phases of product development include:

  • Market analysis
  • Concept development
  • Product research and specifications
  • Product graphics and user interface
  • Design renderings
  • Manufacturing and processing expertise
  • Cost analysis and design optimization
  • Structural analysis and failure analysis
  • CAD expertise – Pro-E and SolidWorks
  • Production documentation

Aesthetics and Branding

Product design involves much more than simply specifying materials and solving engineering problems. A successful product has a personality and character, which express the values…


Manufacturing Expertise

Unlike most design firms, which simply provide their clients with a drawing package and then ignore the eventual production start-up challenges, IDS delivers continued support…


Human Factors

Human factors consideration is an essential part of product design but it is often overlooked by many designers. At IDS, however, this critical consideration is…


Engineering and Analysis

Successful products must be well engineered to provide customers with reliable, safe and lasting performance. Superior engineering imparts value to a product, increasing customer satisfaction…


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