Tradename: PageFlipper
Company: PageFlip
  • This very unique product was originated by an independent inventor who wanted to develop a product to assist the disabled turn pages in books. Since its introduction it has been redesigned and updated to include foot activated devices which are compatible with tablets,

  • When were were presented with this novel idea, it was presented to us as a functional machined breadboard shown in this photo.

  • Our client wanted his idea transformed from a rudimentary prototype to an actual product that could be mass produced in plastic. We were commissioned to redesign this complex mechanical prototype into an attractive, ergonomically designed product that was cost effective to manufacture, light weight and functional.

  • Our first attempt in the design evolution was to completely reexamine the product based on its function and components. The primary purpose of this exercise was to streamline the overall design by eliminating components, parts and features which were too complex or unnecessary. The result was the simplified preliminary plastic design shown to the right.

  • Our newly developed first iteration of the page flipper dramatically simplified the original design by replacing the sprocketed chain drive with a ribbed rubber belt and pulleys. The surrounding plastic structure was designed as a highly functional part which supported all electro-mechanical components.

  • Plastic arms were attached to the belt to turn pages as solenoid activated arms lifted one page during each cycle.

  • This photograph clearly illustrates how the page turning mechanism functioned.

  • A second, more refined design iteration was developed after our first plastic prototype. This iteration more closely represented the final design based on appearance, function and user interface.

  • These CAD images show the individual plastic parts and internal component assemblies within the final design. Plastic parts were designed to comply with the aesthetic and functional requirements of the device as well as molding considerations.

  • The final product was an elegant design solution for a very unique invention, designed to help the disabled. Its broader market appeal to musicians and other end users who benefited from a page turning device made this product a market success.

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