Tradename: Design Concepts
Company: Creative Bath
  • Creative Bath approached us to develop unique and innovative designs for otherwise mundane bathroom staples such as this toothbrush holder. This proposed concept departed from the conventional toothbrush glass which typically accumulates bacteria at the base to a free standing clean form.

  • The original concept was conceived as a transparent acrylic stand with an overmolded insert accentuated with a highlight color.

  • These alternative views illustrate this undulating surface from various viewpoints to provide a more informative description of the form.

  • Our desire was to elegantly support up to four toothbrushes with a minimal form that was easy to clean, manufacture and visually compliment any bathroom decor. Specifying clear acrylic for the main body satisfied all our requirements.

  • Application of clear acrylic to other products such as this soap dish also resulted in a great balance of form and function. The ribbed blue overmolded portion of this dish was proposed as an integral soft rubber insert which would support soap and prevent slippage.

  • The highlighted blue insert was proposed as one of a pallet of colors to be offered within the product line.

  • Our proposed soap dish design resulted in a clean overall form which was contrasted with a ribbed colored insert. This distinctive design could easily fit in any bathroom by simply changing the accent color.

  • This toilet brush was also developed as part of this product line. Design elements within the other two products were applied to this brush and holder.

  • Injection molded clear acrylic was combined with a soft rubber insert, forming a single piece brush and holder.

  • Soft clean forms designed in hard acrylic were contrasted with hard forms designed in soft rubber. This ironic juxtaposition of form and material resulted in a distinctive product line.

  • These more traditional shapes were developed for other products including liquid soap dispensers, dishes and cups.

  • This playful Art-Deco style soap dish was developed as a alternative to more serious designs previously shown.

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