Our Design Philosophy and Expertise

Integrated Design Systems is a full-service product design company with a wide range of capabilities that have enabled us to take hundreds of products from idea to reality seamlessly. Our diversity has been a strategic part of our business philosophy. It’s helped us intentionally develop products with design synergy in diverse markets, expanding our capabilities and transferring ideas and technologies across market boundaries.

Take a look at the products we’ve designed in our portfolio.

Medical Design

Challenging, yet prestigious:
benchtop to disposable.

Analytical & Testing Products

A broad cross-section, ranging
from tiny to large footprints.

Plastic Products

Expertise in all
manufacturing methods.

Human Factors

Considered at multiple levels
for hundreds of products.

Aesthetics & Branding

Attention to detail without
sacrificing creativity or innovation.

Industrial Design

Our comprehensive focus
and first love since 1983.

IDS’ consulting services include design research, plastics design expertise, design and branding, and design engineering. Our 40 years of experience developing medical devices, digital products, and consumer products focused on user experience have been proven by our long list of clients and products, as demonstrated in our portfolio.

We specifically offer products and services focused on your unique requirements. IDS provides every client with personalized attention, professional project management, and design services which always result in innovative designs. Our design studio, located in Oyster Bay, New York, offers industrial design, engineering, and production liaison as part of our product design services.

If you are a New York-based company looking for product design companies near you, call us or chat with us about your design requirements. IDS is a boutique product design firm perfectly matched to provide highly skilled design expertise and personal attention. Our design consultancy provides you with higher quality design and engineering services than younger inexperienced designers within larger product development companies.

How Do You Select the Best Industrial Design Firm For Your Next Product?

The internet is flooded with thousands of product design agencies who claim they are your best choice for designing your latest product. How do you make the right choice? Below are a few questions and tips to help you make the best decision. Your decision could be one of the most important ones you’ll ever make.

You are currently completing your first task by reviewing our website. You’ve come to the right place, but you should take a closer look. Read about who we are, what we’ve done, our reputation, awards, patents, and hundreds of products we’ve fully designed.

You should evaluate the depth and breadth of our capabilities. If our qualifications match your needs, call us to assess who you would be dealing with personally. Your questions should be challenging and poignant. You’ll get a sense of personalities, values, and intelligence. You should feel free to ask questions about accountability, guarantees, meeting schedules, commitments, confidentiality, trust, and core competence.

Our broad range of markets and applications demonstrates our versatility as a product development company.

Feel free to call us at 516-482-2181 to speak directly to the founder and president, Michael Paloian. He will be very open to talking with you about your product, market, and significant concerns at no cost. You’ll get an immediate assessment of who we are and what we can do for you. If you don’t want to call, feel free to chat with us in our chatbox. If you’re concerned with confidentiality, you can send us your NDA. We will sign it and return it to you quickly to share your information as soon as possible.

We will provide you with a ballpark price after we gain a fundamental understanding of the scope of your project. Our many years of experience in so many different markets enables us to assess most projects quickly.

Product development firms must assume many levels of responsibility that encompass a wide range of technical disciplines. Integrated Design Systems has a proven track record in designing and developing hundreds of products ranging from playground slides to CAT scan tables to orthopedic surgical devices. Each of these products must comply with hundreds of specifications critical to the product’s market success. IDS’ extensive history and experience allow it to identify these essential design parameters and creatively integrate them into the product.

What Qualities do All the Best Design Firms Share?

Successful product design and development projects share similar criteria: All well-designed products begin with a great idea. Your idea can be as abstract as a thought or more well-conceived as a sketch, model, or even a prototype. The following step is your list of product requirements and a clear description of what it is.

It’s essential to define your product’s function and distinctive advantages. Your initial list of functional requirements does not have to be complete, but it should capture the major distinguishing features of your product idea. A reliable product design firm can assist you in expanding your list to include technical requirements, user considerations, investment, part cost etc.

Your compiled list of product features should be formally organized and documented in a specification report. Reliable product development companies like IDS will formalize these documents, which eventually become the foundation of your product development program. The product specifications include how the product will function, its reliability, safety precautions, market requirements, technical requirements, proper use, and regulatory compliance.

Creating a realistic development schedule is a critical part of project planning and management. Unrealistically overly ambitious programs often lead to shortcuts, omissions, and high-risk decisions, leading to costly mistakes. Preparing a product development schedule to comply with critical deadlines requires experience, a reliable staff, outstanding leadership, and strategic planning. IDS is your single source for all these indispensable requirements.

The project begins after all the planning and risk assessment has been completed and approved. Our expert design team dedicates creative energy, hard work, and discipline to providing our clients with the best design solutions during this long process. We invest all our knowledge, artistry, and engineering expertise to create the best designs your investment can buy.

We define project completion after you have approved your first beautifully designed and crafted fully functional production unit. This final phase in the development program often requires a dedicated team of team members to examine the first production article based on its quality, ease of assembly, appearance, reliability, and specifications.

Integrated Design Systems becomes your partner from the moment we are assigned to your project to when you have approved your first production sample. Our commitment to you and our obligations, as stated within our highly detailed contracts, is the reason we have had such a long-standing reputation for delivering the best product designs on time and within budget.

Interested in viewing by simply sending an email to paloian@idsys.com, chatting with us or calling us at 516-482-2181.

We’re Easy to Contact!

Call us to discuss your next new product launch. You won’t be disappointed. Also, please take a look at our diverse portfolio of products and ask for a private online presentation for any specific case study you may be interested in viewing by simply sending an email to paloian@idsys.com, chatting with us or calling us at 516-482-2181.