Tradename: Dumbo Car Washer
Company: Flotek
  • No this is not an orange shopping cart which is being used to wash a car. It is actually a portable car washer which we designed for an entrepreneur in Turkey based on his inspirational idea which originated from a trip he made to Brazil.

  • Our client asked us to translate his concept of this portable cart into a real product based on rotationally molded polyethylene.

  • The cart was designed with a control panel and various internal compartments to store cloth towels, cleaning detergents, a spray wand. 60 liters of clean water, a rechargeable battery, pump and a wash basin to clean towels.

  • The spray wand enabled users to efficiently apply water and detergent over any size car by simply depressing the trigger.

  • These CAD images provide you with a bottom view and cross section of the cart illustrating the individual compartments within the single piece plastic part.

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