Ergonomic Design Services for Consumer Products

Virtually every project has some level of human interaction with product design for ergonomics during its development, production, or final use within a specific application. That’s why human factors must be considered at multiple levels of product design. In fact, omission of this significant design consideration can ultimately result in a product deficiency that adds cost during assembly, and difficulty when used by one or more individuals, in field service repairs, or during installation.

Creating parameters for optimized product design for human factors and ergonomics requires objective and end-user research during the early phases, which can range from informal and limited in scope to extensive, with multiple iterations before attaining an optimized design. The data is highly dependent on the evaluation procedure, the parameters being evaluated, the population demographics, and the sample size.

Integrated Design Systems is always concerned about product safety, its potential misuse, and designing products which are intuitive to the end-users, especially when they’re performing multiple tasks which can affect the results of a testing device or medical device. We’ve even conducted human factors studies for large floorstanding devices, children’s products, handheld devices, benchtop analyzers, seating, and hundreds of other products.

Human Factors Portfolios