How is Product Design Useful for Marketers?

When we think of useful tools for marketers, many things can come to mind. Demographic data, statistics, budgets and more can all be useful. Yet one of the best tools at a marketer’s disposal is often overlooked. That tool is product design. Here’s why the best marketers are using product design firms for higher sales, increased brand recognition, and more.

Get a real feel for features

With many products today, the draw isn’t in the originality of the product itself but in the features that differentiate it from the competition. A smartphone, for example, isn’t largely different from one brand to the next, except for all of the different features that get people excited. So how can you get a real feel for the features that make a product truly unique? Through great product design. Product design firms work closely with marketers to ensure they truly grasp what makes the product exciting for customers. Then, marketers can work their magic to communicate those features to potential customers and clients in the most impactful ways possible.product design firms

Get Impactful Packaging

We all know the old adage, “never trust a book by its cover.” We also all know that this isn’t necessarily true. Packaging and the “covers” of great products matter a whole bunch. They can communicate an idea, a feeling, on top of the important information. Part of what product design company can help supply to marketers is the whole package, including the packaging itself. This gives marketers an inside, or rather outside, scoop that they can work with. After all, if your marketers understand the project and the way it can look when packaged, they can craft impactful campaigns that take into account the entire product.

By working with experienced product design firms, you are giving marketers the chance to gain access to a bigger, more rounded picture of the product itself. That means better ideas sooner, and your product has a better chance of reaching the success it deserves.

The Love of Some Runway

In today’s world, there are very few resources more precious than time. To create truly impactful and unique marketing campaigns, marketers need as much time and runway as possible, and great product design is key to giving them this time. If you start to involve marketers at the same time as product design firms, you are giving them ground-floor access. This gives them the time they need. More importantly, it gives them the chance to be truly strategic and give their best, helping your product get the attention it deserves at precisely the right time.

If you have a great product that needs the right marketing, then IDSYS can help make your dreams a reality. We are one of the top, most experienced product design firms around, and we have a long history of working with marketers to ensure they can make impactful campaigns that work. Don’t settle for last-minute, non-strategic product design and marketing. Instead, contact IDSYS to discuss how these two important pieces can work together for better sales and greater brand recognition.