The Best Industrial Design Firm for Four Decades

Since 1983, Integrated Design Systems has been recognized as a top industrial design company for 40 years of experience creating hundreds of products for our clients. We’ve conceived, developed, and fully engineered products in the three major markets, including commercial, industrial, and consumer products. Our extensive capabilities and experience are represented in our diverse industrial design portfolio shown below. Our industrial and product design capabilities have been proven and tested in hundreds of products for companies ranging from startups to multinational corporations.

We Offer A Wide Range Of Design Services for Many Markets

IDS’ industrial design consultancy has embraced best practices in medical products, analytical and testing equipment, and countless unique products in diverse markets. IDS’s industrial design methodology includes various disciplines, including plastic product design, human factors, ergonomics, aesthetics, and product branding. Today, we’re one of the few firms with this breadth of expertise and depth of deliverables, as showcased in our industrial design portfolio examples.

We are a Full-Service Industrial Design Firm


Whether it’s for a new client or current clients, Integrated Design Systems creates products by leveraging our competitive advantage of providing aesthetically attractive, functional, cost-effective designs based on optimized materials and manufacturing methods that match clients’ budgets. Although we are known for our outstanding industrial design reputation, our clients often utilize our consulting services as a full-service product design firm. We create innovative designs for mass production optimized for the user experience.

Highly Creative and Knowledgeable Design Team

Our projects draw upon our commercial and industrial designers to contribute countless creative ideas. These ideas are explored by generating hundreds of industrial design sketches before approaching a contemporary industrial design embodiment. We promote free-thinking by encouraging the open exchange of ideas between one another as well as our clients. Our design methodology is grounded in uninhibited thinking, which evolves from many spontaneous concepts that are eventually transformed into an actual design solution.

Beautiful Design Is More Than Skin Deep

IDS does not adhere to industrial design styling as a final design solution. Styling is merely a superficial cosmetic treatment that can become dated quickly. We believe modern industrial design solutions should address many parameters associated with most products to maximize sustainability and social responsibilities. Industrial designers are very different from engineers who are primarily interested in product function and performance. Industrial designers contribute a unique holistic perspective to product design which should be appreciated and responsibly utilized.

A Look Back – A Brief History of Industrial Design

Industrial design evolved out of the Bauhaus School during the first decade of the 20th Century in response to the melding of art and technology. Its influence didn’t reach the United States until the early 1930’s during the Great Depression when many flamboyant personalities such as Raymond Lowey, Walter Darwin Teague, and Henry Dreyfuss convinced manufacturers to style their products to improve sales. Their bold characters, combined with artistic talent and marketing flair, elevated them to highly successful designers who defined style throughout the 1930s into the mid 1960’s. These individuals forged a new profession we now call industrial design. Although the US focus of industrial design was primarily based on styling, the profession has evolved and expanded into many areas. Today industrial design has influenced graphical user interface design, product design, product branding, human factors, and design sustainability. Industrial design humanizes products and things based on cultural, political, economic, and technological trends.


Our Design Methodology


Our industrial design methodology is based on one word, honesty. IDS strives to design products based on ethical principles which influence everything from the conceptualization of a product to the specification of torque for the last screw. Honesty in design permeates the entire product development process, including creative thinking, decisions, objectivity, and ultimately product value. Well-designed products reflect the ethics and values of the people who developed them, manufacture them, and market them. IDS approaches every project with the same objectives of creating an exceptionally well-designed product with a strong market appeal, cost-effective, safe, and easy to use. These objectives can only be attained by maintaining objectivity, a high level of creativity, and integrity.

Broad Portfolio of Challenging Projects

Our product portfolio has been segmented into a few categories to help you navigate through the selected few industrial design examples we’ve included. Each case study highlights the significant milestones of a project or product details. Some of these case studies have been described in greater detail within our blog section. IDS has intentionally broadened its portfolio of work throughout its 40-year history. Our diversification has benefited our clients because of the synergy resulting from the cross-over of technologies, markets, and information. We are constantly confronted with new challenges from an infinite range of products and applications. Every product and client has unique objectives and technical requirements that must be fully comprehended before viable designs can be proposed.

Extensive Experience in Materials Science and Manufacturing Technologies

IDS’ comprehensive knowledge of materials and significant manufacturing processes allows us to optimize our client’s objectives for maximum sales and profits. Our industrial design solutions are based on a customized list of design objectives identified explicitly for each client. Regardless of budgetary constraints and tight schedules, we always strive to develop aesthetically appealing, clean, and straightforward designs. The industrial design examples shown in this portion of the website illustrate these claims.

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With all of this, we’re proud that 95% of our clients continue to work with us, and that new clients look forward to what we can bring to the table––by transforming your ideas from concept to reality.