Industrial design is our comprehensive focus and first love

At Integrated Design Systems, we’ll never forget our first love: industrial design. After all, we’ve built our company on it. We’ve staked our reputation on it. And since 1983, it’s been an integral part of virtually every one of thousands of commercial design projects, from startup companies to multinational corporations.

As product designers, we’ve embraced best practices in medical products, in analytical and testing equipment, in plastic product design, in human factors and ergonomics, as well as in aesthetics and product branding. Today, we’re one of the few firms with this breadth of expertise and depth of deliverables showcased in our company’s extensive design portfolio.

Whether it’s for a new client or for current clients, Integrated Design Systems creates products by leveraging our competitive advantage of providing aesthetically attractive, functional, cost-effective designs based on optimized materials and manufacturing methods that match clients’ budgets.

With all of this, we’re proud that 90% of our commercial design clients continue to work with us, and that new clients look forward to what we can bring to the table––by transforming your ideas from concept to reality.

Industrial Design Portfolios