Industrial Portfolio

Industrial equipment encompasses a wide range of products including large heavy manufacturing machines to robots and CMM (coordinate measuring machines) devices. Industrial design and product development within this classification of products requires a unique knowledge base. Design expertise must include the technical skills necessary to understand complex engineering principles as well as more abstract esoteric skills related to the understanding of human behavior. Effective integration of these vastly dissimilar disciplines is required to successfully develop a product design which is ideally matched with a particular industrial product and its intended end user.

Integrated Design Systems (IDS) has earned its reputation as a world class industrial design and product development firm with the creative skills to deliver designs which make a lasting impression in the market. Our rare combination of in-depth engineering skills, comprehensive knowledge of manufacturing methods and creativity provide us with the unique capabilities of solving complex problems with highly innovative design solutions. We routinely immerse ourselves in every project with a comprehensive analysis of the design requirements followed by an exploration of hundreds of ideas to creatively develop designs which elegantly address all the product requirements. This unique integrated design approach has resulted in successful launch of hundreds of industrial products which have been sold worldwide.

Our Portfolio

3D Printer – Concept

3D Printer – Mini

3D Printer – Integrated

Chip Scanner – Autofeed

Ultrasonic Welder

Print Plate Processor

Chip Scanner – Tray Feed

Silicon Wafer Inspection System

Municipal Water Treatment System