Medical Product Design and Development

Medical device design is one of the most challenging of all projects. It is also one of the most prestigious and sought-after market areas for industrial designers as well as product development firms. We’ve always been intrigued by medical products because of the numerous challenges they present at each phase, from concept inception and optimizing human factors; to safety, aesthetics and sophisticated technologies; and to hundreds of other complex parameters.

Our Integrated Design Systems staff is extremely proud to have contributed to dozens of designs of medical products throughout our 35+ year history, ranging from intricate, autoclaved, handheld surgical devices to large room-sized MRI scanners to benchmark biochemical analyzers. You can view some of our accomplishments as a medical design firm on our Design Portfolio below.

In addition, we’ve participated in numerous on-site clinical studies, and interviewed physicians and experts in various medical fields. Our familiarity with patients’, physicians’, and support staffs’ needs provide us with a highly advantageous perspective in creating every medical device design. Furthermore, our in-depth understanding of numerous technologies, including optics, radiation, chemical analysis, and biomechanics has proven to be indispensable in this market segment.

Move your company forward with our medical product design services. Your ideas coupled with our expertise and connections can become something invaluable to the future generations.

Our Service Process and Capabilities

Each medical project that passes our hands undergoes a well-rounded process of developing, fine-tuning, testing, and prototyping. We can handle all types of products, from hand-held devices to complex, MRI-scale equipment for diagnosis or treatment.

  • Integrated Design Systems will assign you a team of medical device designers who will be dedicated to overseeing your project from start to finish.
  • Project Research – We visit factories, interview customers, and research industries so that none of your investment and resources are wasted on white elephants.
  • Concept Development – Whether we’re creating a new product or building on an existing one, we design the form and functions to fulfill your target market’s specific needs.
  • Concept Refinement – We present all possibilities and their merits so that your company can decide which project or projects to greenlight.
  • Engineering Development – Using sophisticated tech and computer simulations, we design products and begin the process of bringing form to the design on the paper.
  • Production Detailing – Arguably the most critical step of our medical product design process, our engineers conduct check and balances on all aspects of the product design.
  • Prototyping and Testing – Phase 1 of our product development culminates with the production of the first prototypes of the medical device.
  • Project Documentation – We record all the details about the product, its features, assembly process, and development stages, including drawings, timetables, process flows, and more.
  • Product Liaison – The final phase of product development, product liaison, moves the project forward to production — after the necessary tests, verifications, and inspections.

More than bringing your idea to fruition, our medical device designers, with their decades of experience and industry knowledge, can give it more market and brand value.

Medical Device Portfolios

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