Why should Integrated Design Systems be your First Choice as a Plastics Designer?

Integrated Design Systems (IDS) has a 40-year history of delivering world-class plastic part design and has been the leader in the plastics industry. Our plastics design and manufacturing expertise are based on Michael Paloian’s plastics materials, plastic injection mold design, and plastic product design. Mr. Paloian is a renowned designer in the plastics industry. He has been a contributing author to plastics textbooks, written hundreds of articles, and lectured throughout the world on plastics design. Mr. Paloian has served as Chairman of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Rotational Molding Division (RMD) and Product Design and Development Division (PD3). He currently teaches a three-day Industrial Design and Plastics Design Seminar at the prestigious University of Massachusetts, Lowell, once every year. His outstanding reputation and extensive knowledge in plastics properties, processing, and design are why IDS is Number 1 in plastic engineering.

Integrated Design Has a Perfect 40 Year Plastics Design Track Record


IDS has designed thousands of plastic parts for hundreds of products throughout its long unblemished history. We design plastic products to synergistically integrate aesthetics with function, creating products that have excellent market appeal and sustainability. IDS’s unique combination of user-centric industrial design expertise and unmatched plastics engineering knowledge sets it apart from any other product development firm.

We have Unmatched Expertise in Plastics Materials and Processing

Plastic design companies typically specialize in a particular manufacturing area, such as injection molding or vacuum forming. This limitation precludes them from providing you with the optimum manufacturing process for your application. All products are ideally matched for injection molding due to part size, production quantities, or materials. An experienced plastic design corporation like IDS will analyze your unique requirements and direct you to the optimum process. This objectivity benefits you with the most cost-effective plastic molding option to amortize your investment.

IDS always designs every product to comply with manufacturing practices that match your vendor’s capabilities. These practices include details that are based on mold design, tolerances, material specifications, color matching, and part quality. Every design is modified to comply with your specific molder’s capabilities.

We Verify All Our Designs Before You Invest in Molds

All designs are verified before being released for production to avoid costly mistakes. Design and performance verifications are typically accomplished with computer simulations or prototypes. The type of analysis being performed dictates the choice of prototyping technology. For example, pre-production prototypes that are fabricated for verification of assembly can be 3D printed. Prototypes that are impacted or fatigued might require machined or molded prototypes. More oversized products that are rotationally molded or thermoformed are better suited for computer simulations. Selecting the optimum prototyping method and identifying critical design parameters are crucial steps in the plastic design and development process.

We are Experts in Plastic Snap-Fit Design to Minimize Parts and Labor

Plastics offer many advantages for product designers, including limitless aesthetic freedom, parts consolidation, and functionality. Highly creative plastic designs are achieved by integrating form and function. One of the most frequently utilized techniques for consolidating parts within a highly functional plastic part is incorporating snapfits. Molded-in snap locks enable designers to assemble parts without additional hardware. Although snap fits must be correctly designed for reliable performance, they are highly beneficial to the end-user and the manufacturer.

Integrated Design Offers Unmatched Plastics Material Expertise

Material selection is another important consideration during the plastics design cycle. Incorrect material specifications will lead to premature product failure, product liability, or expensive product recalls. IDS has extensive experience selecting materials based on a wide range of application requirements. Some applications require materials with excellent chemical resistance; others require exceptional impact strength, high-temperature resistance, or flame retardancy. It’s critical for your design firm to comprehensively analyze your specific application requirements and identify crucial performance requirements for the plastic material. The omission of only one essential design parameter could result in costly unexpected field failures.

We Are the Only Industrial Design Firm That is Fully Integrated With Plastic Product Design

Industrial designers are continually challenged with preserving their concept design intent as it is transformed into a production design. This delicate process can be managed efficiently if the industrial design firm is knowledgeable about mold design and the specific plastic molding process. IDS has a comprehensive understanding of mold design and routinely translates its highly innovative designs into practical, easily molded plastic parts.

Plastic engineering expertise requires a broad knowledge of polymers, plastic molding, tool design, and requirements for the application. IDS is your choice when you want a guaranteed world-class design.


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