Plastic Products Design and Development

Though there are thousands of plastic products created every year, there are a surprisingly limited number of designers and engineers who know how to properly design them. This particular medium is so challenging and overwhelming because of the thousands of plastic choices and dozens of manufacturing alternatives and variations for each. Meanwhile, improper material specifications can result in catastrophic failure, poor quality or performance, or worst, a major liability.

Michael Paloian is a renowned designer of plastics products who:

  • Has chaired divisions within the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) and earned multiple awards for his contributions as a speaker, author, and chairman
  • Frequently lectures internationally
  • Teaches at the University of Massachusetts
  • Is a contributing editor of various plastics publications
  • Has accumulated expertise in all the major plastics manufacturing methods combined with his extensive experience with tool design, production startup’s root cause analysis, and plastics materials

In addition, he has vast knowledge in parts and plastic product design for rotational molding, injection molding, composites, vacuum forming, pressure form, blow molding, structural molding, gas assist molding, and over molding. Whatever your plastic product problems may be, trust Integrated Design Solutions to create the solution.

Our Process

Integrated Design Systems executes a complete project management service, from ideating and testing design solutions to prototyping and greenlighting production. We take an active role in developing plastic products that meet your market and manufacturing requirements. You can expect a consistently high level of attention to detail and project management, whether we’re developing a component for assembly or a consumer product that will go straight to the shelves.

Our Capabilities

Every product development project we manage goes through a process that ensures you get a quality product upon completion.

  • Project Research – Develop products based on data from reliable and thorough market research.
  • Concept Development – Get plastic product designs that address real-life needs based on market research.
  • Concept Refinement – Get a preview of the proposed product through CAD modeling and 3D printing.
  • Engineering Development – Verify the design and functionality of the product through engineering and computer simulation.
  • Production Detailing – Ensure product quality from the development level through stringent checks and balances.
  • Prototyping and Testing – Take your approved product designs from paper to form, and refine them further through testing.
  • Project Documentation – Get detailed reports and records of every stage of the product development.
  • Product Liaison – Send your final product off to production with confidence knowing that it’s been tested and verified for quality, form, and functionality.

We designed our process not just to perfect plastic product solutions but also to refine the production process and prevent shrinking, warping, distortion, discoloration, and other problems that are common to plastic products.

Plastic Product Portfolios

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