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  • The design challenges pertaining to this state of the art acoustically isolated atomic force microscope system were quite extensive on many fronts. Our final solution shown in this image proved to establish our client (anonymous) as a world leader in this highly complicated and specialized technology. We invested hundreds of man-hours in integrating human factors and aesthetics with complex acoustic engineering challenges before we arrived at this distinctive design. Interaction with manufacturers, engineers and marketing experts influenced decisions throughout the design development process.

  • Our greatest challenge was designing the acoustic chamber to comply with very stringent technical requirements and limitations while satisfying ambitious aesthetic goals. One of these major difficulties was introducing a large open window into the acoustic chamber to provide maximum viewing area for an operator without adversely affecting acoustic isolation.

  • By quickly viewing these commercially available acoustic chambers you can readily appreciate the dramatic difference between our design and these bulky large boxes that have been designed only to satisfy functional specifications. All these chambers are fabricated from heavy gauge steel and lined with a soft silver coated inner insulation to attenuate sound transmission. Windows are typically omitted or limited to very small areas.

  • Our revolutionary design broke all the rules, resulting in a one of a kind product that was functionally, ergonomically and aesthetically unique. In addition, design elements applied to the chamber were also imparted into the accompanying workstation, resulting in a visually fully integrated system. Colors and graphics were strategically selected to solidify our client’s corporate image and branding.

  • Our design was derived from this product configuration which consisted of an acoustic chamber placed upon an open framed  steel weldment located adjacent to a work station.

  • Concepts for the acoustic chamber were developed based on three different manufacturing methods which would have a major impact on appearance, cost and investment. These first set of concepts explored design possibilities  restricted to minimal changes to the original chamber. The top two concepts were intentionally limited to minor changes to the door while the lower two illustrated the design possibilities based on a sheet metal wrap around the base.

  • These concepts illustrated the design possibilities associated with more elaborate sheet metal fabrication techniques and the limited use of thermoformed plastic.

  • We evolved the design possibilities even further by introducing more extensive use of fiber reinforced plastic covers applied to the front of the acoustic chamber. These concepts began to demonstrate the aesthetic potentials with a complete transformation of the chamber into a revolutionary new form.


  • This alternative design transformed the original clumsy box into an elegant enclosure which projected an inviting and sophisticated image well suited to any lab. After these concepts were implemented, our client decided to expand the window area and open the internal work space for improved usability. These new suggestions led to a modified design direction as shown in the next images.

  • Based on the new requirement of dramatically increasing the visible area into the chamber and expanding the user work space with an open door, the two concepts shown were proposed. These concepts were verified with full scale foam core models to confirm user accessibility and ease of opening the hinged hood.

  • The design from the previous phase of development was refined and modified to comply with manufacturing requirements, technical specifications, aesthetics and human factors parameters. The top image represented the final design which was methodized for manufacturing. It is virtually identical to the production unit with the exception of the smaller inner window which had to be reinforced with metal struts.

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