Tradename: hear back Pro
Company: Hear Technologies
  • Creative design solutions always lead to products which are highly prized by their owners. This audio mixer is an example of product design where art and engineering crossed at an ideal point. It was developed for Hear Technologies based on their unique technology for mixing sound during performances as well as recording sessions. Since its introduction a few years ago, the Hear Back Pro has received rave reviews from notable performers as well as casual users. Integrated Design’s highly talented team of industrial designers and engineers creatively interpreted Hear Technologies’ product specifications into a winning combination of performance, aesthetics and utilitarian optimization.

  • Integration of aesthetics, ergonomics, graphics and plastics engineering expertise enabled our team to create this highly successful product.

  • Our design included a captive threaded insert on the bottom of the case which allows the mixer to be mounted to an adjustable stand for live performances.

  • Even legendary Stevie Wonder has praised this product as an outstanding recording device which he found very easy to use based on its intuitive layout and design.

  • The adaptive design has allowed the Hear Back  Pro to be used in a variety of musical performance settings including coral groups.

  • Ease of use, combined with well illuminated controls and easily manipulated dials has enabled guitar performers to dynamically control audio levels in virtually any setting, making this product a market favorite.

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