Company: Klingg
  • The founder of Klingg contracted Integrated Design Systems to develop this headphone cable clasp which was conceived by a dentist and his friend. Their idea was originally developed from the classic napkin sketch. The clasp is securely retained to your clothing  with the clamping force of a pair of neodymium magnets. Colorful rubberized features molded within the clasp grip and guide ear phone cables from your ears to your phone. Our contribution in this product development project essentially transformed this concept into a fully engineered design which could be cost effectively mass produced. This deceptively simple looking device was extremely sophisticated. Its development required a comprehensive understanding of injection molding and materials engineering.

  • This one inch long plastic clip was overmolded with black ABS around an inner neodymium magnet and then two shot molded with a colorful elastomeric wire retainer/finger grip. The resulting product looked smart while providing users with a functional cord manager.

  • The clasp is securely placed on any garment without a piercing pin because of the powerful neodymium magnets which can also retain earphones.

  • Careful attention to detail, combined with a comprehensive understanding of overmolding technology enabled us to translate our client’s napkin sketch into a real product.

  • These images show various views of the tiny but visually distinctive product.

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