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Analytical Design and Testing Equipment Design

Product design engineering consultancies like IDS always look forward to analytical device design because of their complex nature and comprehensive technologies. Often expensive and highly technical, analytical instruments include a broad cross-section of products ranging from tiny sensors to handheld devices to sizeable floor standing inspection equipment. These products are typically associated with industrial equipment design, requiring special skills and knowledge in product design consultancy.

Measurement design and lab equipment design must convey an image of precision, state-of-the-art technology, reliability, ease-of-use, and appropriate product design branding. These products require product design consulting firms to have product development expertise in many user-centric and highly technical fields. Product design services should include expertise in numerous low-production manufacturing techniques that offer cost-effective production methods that produce world-class designs. Fortunately, our expertise in this market has resulted in countless success stories, placing our clients at the top of their markets. Many award-winning products have recognized our many years of experience developing innovative designs in numerous markets, including medical devices.

Integrated Design Special Qualifications

Integrated Design Systems has consistently been chosen for our ability to deliver product innovations for world-class analytical design projects on time, on budget, and with features far exceeding our clients’ original expectations. Design concepts are highly influenced by assessing hundreds of parameters, prioritized throughout the design process and creatively expressed at every level of detail. Finally, selecting appropriate materials and manufacturing methods for analytical and testing equipment design is strategically based on sensible capital investment, assembly labor, and part cost trade-offs.

When we are assigned to your project, we become an integral part of your development team. We help you fully integrate your business strategy into the product design based on our understanding of your user’s experience. Our upfront product design research, including field trips and interactions with your customers, provides us with first-hand insight into your unique design and technology. Comprehensive study during the early phases of analytical design is critical for developing product design innovations that will place you at the top of your market.

Our highly specialized, highly talented, and innovative design team is dedicated to providing you with the best design solutions within your budget. Integrated Design Systems (IDS) eventually becomes a trusted member of your team and is instrumental in transforming your ideas into a physical product. IDS is a full-service product design and development company with an exceptionally high level of technical expertise combined with aesthetic talents that will ultimately transform your ideas into highly innovative products.

Special Skills and Knowledge

Analytical device technologies include chemical assays, optical analysis, precision mechanical mechanisms, radiation detection ultrasonics, and many other engineering disciplines. The technology for all analytical devices is based on one or more classic physical principles. All analytical device companies share similar objectives for their products. The objectives include the following:

  • Simplicity of operation and user interface
  • High speed for results
  • Extremely high accuracy
  • Low production volumes
  • Desire for market appeal and product branding
  • Low capital investment
  • Cost effective manufacturing process
  • Ease of assembly
  • Ease of service
  • Highly reliable

Selecting your Design Frim

Your selection for an industrial design firm or product design firm is a critical decision that can determine the success or failure of a new product launch. Your selection should be based on confidence in the design consultancy’s commitment to delivering you the best design you can attain based on your budget and proprietary technology. The selection process can be formally structured based on a list of prerequisites evaluated based on a comprehensive interview. Alternatively, you can review a candidate’s portfolio, such as this one, and request a formal presentation based on a case study of a product similar to the one you are planning to launch. Your determination of the candidate’s capabilities can be determined by asking poignant questions and appraising every development phase. Your questions should be direct, challenging, and in line with your primary concerns.

A product design company must demonstrate proficiency in grasping your unique complex technological concepts and imagining them as an elegant, straightforward embodiment. Representatives from the design consulting company should be willing to share their ideas engagingly freely during the evaluation process. A free and open exchange of ideas during your initial meeting is a good indication that your candidate will be dedicated to attaining your program objectives.

Overview of Our Portfolio

Reviewing our portfolio, you’ll notice handheld analytical devices, benchtop devices, and large floor standing devices based on different technologies. The design parameters associated with benchtop chemical analyzers are wholly different from the floor standing coordinate measuring devices. Laboratory equipment design requirements typically include a design configuration that minimizes the footprint, which optimizes lab bench space. Materials for the housing should be highly resistant to chemicals that are analyzed. Surfaces should be smooth and easily cleaned, and devoid of crevices where residue can build up. Interactive areas such as displays should be oriented at appropriate angles optimized for lab bench heights. Ideally, displays should be easily adjustable if budgets permit. Coordinate measuring devices such as CMMs require large massive structures to minimize vibration, deflections, and thermal expansion. Overall design and configuration require a comprehensive study of user interface and motion studies. This information is critical to optimizing the locations and orientations of important touchpoints throughout the device that must be balanced with overall cost and investment. Product design consultancies exhibit exceptional expertise in aesthetics and a keen understanding of manufacturing options to attain this delicate balance.

Integrated Design Systems (IDS) has a long history of providing our clients with designs that have been aesthetically optimized for the most cost-effective manufacturing process. Our extensive experience designing a wide variety of analytical products, including atomic force microscopes, radiation detectors, and large-scale CMM devices for many industry leaders, demonstrates our design capabilities. Call us or email us for your next product development project.

Analytical & Testing Portfolios