Publications, Lectures and Seminars

Since its founding, Integrated Design Systems’ publications, lectures and seminars have enabled our President, Michael Paloian, to share his extensive design experiences, knowledge, and expertise with business leaders, engineers, and industrial designers in various industries.

IDS Publications
He has written hundreds of articles focusing on design and its benefits for corporations as well as society in general. These points-of-view have included topics related to human factors, case studies, optimizing designs for plastic parts, project management, and design for manufacturing.

For the past 15 years, Michael has also been a contributing design editor for RotoWorld Magazine. His editorial columns and full-length featured design related articles have become extremely popular with the publications’ international readership.

Integrated Design Systems Lectures
Michael’s deep experience in the plastics industry is well-known since he’s been involved in numerous lectures and design seminars for such organizations as the Society of Plastics Engineers, the Industrial Design Society of America, Society of The Plastics Industry and the Association of Rotational Molders.

Integrated Design Systems Seminars

Michael has addressed audiences in South America, Europe, and India as well as the United States. In addition, he is an Adjunct Instructor at the University of Massachusetts where he also conducts a renowned Plastics Design Seminar biannually at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Society Chairmanships
He has also served as Division Chairman for the Rotational Molding Division in the Product Design and Development Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers. Under his leadership, these divisions have prospered with an expanded membership, increased enthusiasm, and in an improved level of activity. Besides that, Michael has served as the IDSA’s Materials and Processes Chairman.

For information on design industry speaking or guest author requests or to check Michael Paloian’s availability, please contact directly at 516-482-2181 or

Industrial Design’s Evolution and its Effect on Plastic Part Design
June 3rd @ Noon, Central Time
Webinar via ZOOM

Please join our Virtual Technical Event – free for SPE members – at noon Central Time, on June 3rd. Welcome to Michael Paloian, a renowned expert and frequent presenter on a wide range of topics related to Industrial Design and plastic product development.

Most of us have been in the plastics industry long enough to appreciate what comes together to successfully make parts. But what about making a successful product? Therein lies a whole other dimension with industrial design playing a significant role.

The industrial design profession evolved from the Bauhaus movement in the early 20th century to a multidisciplinary profession in the 21st century. This presentation will discuss its origins, its evolution, and its impact on plastic product design. The presentation will discuss the effect of materials and processes on industrial design and how products can benefit by fully integrating engineering and industrial design throughout the design process. Numerous examples and case studies will be included to substantiate the topics reviewed.

Design for Injection Molding: How to Ensure Success and Avoid Costly Errors
12:30-1:15 EST, Wednesday, June 16th

Michael Paloian, President of Integrated Design Systems Inc., will make a special presentation at the Virtual Engineering Days event for manufacturing professionals and engineers. His presentation — Design for Injection Molding: How to Ensure Success and Avoid Costly Errors — will be at 12:30-1:15 EST, Wednesday, June 16th.

Mr. Paloian’s presentation will examine the Top Ten Considerations when designing an injection molded product. This overview of crucial parameters will explore:

1. Material options and consequences
2. Critical tolerances
3. Sink marks
4. Steel safe areas
5. Gate location
6. Shut-off angles
7. Draft angle orientation
8. Texturing and draft
9. Scheduling of critical start-up phases
10. Secondary operations and fixtures

Many of the parameters will be explained with actual part examples, as well as general guidelines specifying numeric recommendations.

MR PALOIAN’S PRESENTATION: 12:30-1:15 EST, Wednesday, June 16th – Plastics, Processing & Materials Track

The links to some of Integrated Design Systems publications have been provided below. Simply click on any PDF to download it.

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