“Working with Integrated Design to develop a robust yet astatically pleasing look for our new product was one of the smartest moves we made. It was a very smooth process and it took a load off of our shoulders and let us focus on the parts of the design that we really needed to concentrate on. They were very professional, organized, and communicated very well on a regular basis. The guys at Integrated Design are really good at what they do. Not only do they know how to make a product look good, they also know how to turn it into a real product. Using 3D modeling software for their design, we were able to see how all of the parts including the circuit boards were going to fit before we actually made anything. When the time came to build the first prototype, everything fit perfectly the first time. And when our injection mold people run into an issue, the guys at Integrated Design were able to mitigate the problem in no time. We are very happy with how our product turned out. Customers keep telling us how good our new product looks.”

Nason Tackett, Senior Electrical Engineer, Hear Technologies